Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?

A. There is a Nature Park Reserve fee of $25.00 per guest paid to enter Hanauma Bay that is not included in your ticket price. As far as belongings it is only necessary to bring swimwear, but a towel and sunscreen are a good idea.(coral safe sunscreen is a Hawaii state law.) Best to leave unnecessary valuables such as loose jewelry at home.

Q. What experience is required to try SNUBA Oahu?

A. No certifications of any kind are required. No previous dive or snorkel experience is required. You need only basic swimming skills and a desire to to explore underwater.

Q. What if someone in my party wants to go with us but only wants to snorkel or ride along?

A. Guests can pay the entrance fee and rent snorkeling equipment on the beach. Availability is by Hanauma Bay reservation and the guest is not technically on our tour in any way.

Q. If someone in our party is certified can they use regular SCUBA gear instead?

A. Though we do see quite a few certified divers with their family or friends because SNUBA is one of the best ways to learn the basics of SCUBA, it is not possible due to our guidelines.

Q. How long is the SNUBA Oahu Adventure?

A. The entire SNUBA experience is about two and a half hours but can vary depending on learning speed and conditions.

  1. Predive presentation approximately: 10-15 min

  2. Nature reserve movie and orientation approximately: 20-30

  3. Gear Outfitting approximately: 5-10 min

  4. In water skills / Practice approximately: 15-20 min

  5. Underwater Exploring approximately: 25-35 min

  6. Boat trip back to dock approximately: 20-30 min

  7. Debriefing /Disembark approximately: 5-10 min

    Total Time 2 to 2.5 hours Note: This does not count travel time to and from dive site

Q. How comfortable is SNUBA to use?

A. Since 1988, millions of SNUBA tours have been conducted with mostly non-divers and participants with only basic swimming skills.

Q. How do you breathe and is it difficult?

A. You breathe through a mouthpiece called a regulator. As you begin to inhale a comfortable flow of air is provided from a compressed air cylinder located in the raft. Since the mask covers your nose you will be breathing through your mouth and not your nose.

Q. What equipment do I wear?

A. You will be wearing a pair of fins, a mask, a weight belt (to neutralize your buoyancy in the water) and a SNUBA harness that connects your air line to the raft on the surface. The raft follows you as you swim along following the guide.

Q. How deep does SNUBA go?

A. The depth is limited by the length of the air lines, which allow you to dive to a maximum depth of 20 feet / 6 meters.

Q. What if I am uncomfortable going down?

A. Our primary pursuit is to see that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. SNUBA diving is encouraged at your own level of comfort. Whether you are comfortable at the surface holding onto the raft or diving down to the maximum depth, you will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do.

Q. Will I be diving with a guide?

A. Always. Every SNUBA Oahu Adventure is conducted by a professionally trained SNUBA Guide. Your SNUBA Guide will be with you during the entire adventure and share with you the knowledge they have gained about marine life and the reef ecosystem. Most importantly, your SNUBA Guide will be there for your safety and to provide an entertaining underwater experience.

Q. Do I tip the guide?

A. Just like a SCUBA Instructor, SNUBA guides also work for gratuities. It is not mandatory but is appreciated.

Q. Will I see any sharks?

A. Although the ocean is where sharks call home, encounters are very rare when SNUBA diving. Our tours are conducted along pre-set SNUBA Trails and there has never been a shark related injury in SNUBA’s history.

Q. Can I go if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

A. Everyone is different and the severity of medical conditions can vary, therefore we request that you seek the clearance of a physician. If you do have a medical question or concern we suggest you take a look at our Participant waiver form. Additional questions can be submitted by the form below or emailed to info@honolulusnubaadventures.com.

Q. I want my children to try SNUBA but I am too scared to go with them, can they go without me?

A. SNUBA is very easy to do and an amazing experience to share with those in your family. In order for a minor (ages 8-17) to participate, a parent or guardian must complete, sign and agree to the terms on the Participant Record & Liability Release Form, and must be present either on shore or on board the boat.

Q. How old do I need to be to experience SNUBA?

A. SNUBA is intended for a wide range of ages; 8 and above may participate in SNUBA. This location does not currently equip the SNUBA DOO harness designed for ages 6-7. Please contact SNUBA International for a list of participating operations.

Q. Can I take an underwater camera with me?

A. We recommend renting a GoPro with underwater housing from us. This will enable you to upload all the videos and photos right to your phone. It is possible to bring your own camera provided your camera is made to withstand depths of up to 20 feet, and does not interfere with your adventure.. SNUBA International and our affiliated operators are not responsible for any damage incurred during your tour.

Q. I have a disability, can I still experience SNUBA?

A. All disabilities vary, we recommend that you contact us for special requests. It is also highly recommended that you discuss the activity with your physician.

Q. Can you SNUBA with glasses?

A. No, due to the seal of the mask it is not possible to wear glasses but many people that wear glasses see fine under water because images look bigger due to light refraction. Custom diving masks with prescription lenses can be purchased online or at local dive shops.

Q. Is SNUBA Dangerous?

A. SNUBA is arguably the safest form of diving there is. Any water based activity has inherent risk but SNUBA has a proven track record of being very safe and reliable for millions of divers worldwide.

Q. Can you SNUBA while pregnant?

A. No, Pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant should not participate in any form of compressed air diving.

Q. If I change my date or decide not to go, can I rebook or get a refund?

.A. Yes, as long as it is in the full refund window. The full refund policy can be found here

Q. Is SNUBA worth it?

A. Countless guests as soon as they surface from their dive immediately say the same thing "That was the coolest thing I've ever done in my whole life."

Frequently Asked SNUBA Questions